GMA Professional Development Day 2016 a Great Success

On March 19th, GMA members from three states (Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania) and District of Columbia met at the beautiful Fenwick Library of George Mason University and had a great time to network and engage in scholarly exchanges.  Topics covered are diverse and interesting.  The presentations are well researched and the discussions were stimulating.   Participants are intrigued by the various expertise and rich experience of each other.   They also enjoyed a tour of the new Fenwick Library with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge furnishing.  The day was ended with a happy feast at Nanjing Bistro!

A big “Thank You” to Andrew Lee, who invested much time and effort in hosting the event!

Selective presentations are provided below:

Testimony from Dr. Raymond Wang:
“I want to thank you again for putting together such a wonderful program last Saturday. I learned so much from each and everyone and appreciated the various expertise from CALA members. Thanks also to Sabrina for recommending Nanjing Bistro which is truly not disappointing. I hope we can keep it as a GMA tradition and look forward to more professional development in the future.”


We are looking forward to having more GMA members join us next year!

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