GMA Chapter Report 2013/14

Committee Roster:
President (2014-2015): Andrew Y. Lee
Memebrship Chair (2014-2015): Raymond Wang
Treasurer (2014-2015): Yuan Yao
Immediate Past President (2013-2014): Jin Xiu Guo
Task Completed According to the Five Goals Outlined in the CALA 2015 Strategic Plan if Applicable and Please Be Specific:

1. The GMA chapter was called to provide tour assistance and guidance for a delegation of academic librarians from Yunnan Province of China, who would visit different cities of the U.S. in the second half of 2014, including Washington, DC. Shanyun Zhang from The Catholic University of America, Yuan Yao from The Library of Congress, Ding Ye from Georgetown University, and Andrew Lee from George Mason University agreed to guide the visits of the delegation to these institutions.

2. Hong Miao and Andrew Lee were selected as panel speakers at the 2014 China Library Annual Conference in October 2014. Hong Miao’s presentation was “New space and new experience: From library to learning commons.” Andrew Lee’s presentation was “Anthropological approach to librarianship: Ethnographic methods used in library research.”

Work in Progress & Timeline:

The call of nominations of the GMA vice president/president-elect of 2015-2016 was sent to the members of the chapter, but no nominations were received by the deadline on December 7, 2014. This position is still vacant. The GMA board members will find a solution to this issue.

Goals and Objectives for the Second Half Year:
1. Reaching out to Chinese students of library science at the Catholic University of America and Maryland University.
2. Updating the GMA website.