CALA-GMA Members Attended the U.S. – China Cultural Forum

On Friday, April 10th, 2015, three CALA-GMA board members, Andrew Lee, Raymond Wang and Hong Wu, attended the 4th US-China Cultural Forum co-hosted by the US National Endowment for Humanities and the Ministry of Culture of China, held in Washington DC.  The members enjoyed the presentations and the exchange of ideas with scholars from both countries on the potential of international collaboration to bridge cultures through humanities research and innovation.  They also took the opportunity to reach out to area colleagues and invite them to join CALA. In addition, they discussed the future plan for GMA and plan to host an Asian American Library Leadership Roundtable on May 21st, 2015 in Baltimore, MD.  Stay tuned for more developments on this event!

Please check out our Report_on_The Fourth_US_China_Forum

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